Simon Rogan @ Wheelwrights

We are delighted to be able to offer Simon Rogan @ Home to all our guests staying with us on the Lake District. Not only is Simon well known for L’Enclume and so much more, but they have worked hard during lock down and come up with this fantastic home dining experience. At a time when we may all be concerned about dining out, this is not only a great alternative, but a genuinely good value first choice too!

Of course, in the interest of understanding our guest experience with this, I took it upon myself to trial this for you, and what an experience.
Ordering could not have been easier, but make sure you leave plenty of time to organise this – all good things should take time, so you need to order your meal before Tuesday for a Friday or Saturday delivery. Its all done online: you log in and enter your holiday cottage name and all sorted. There will also be tracking included to your email address.
There is a set 3 course menu, and you can add wine flights (not a trip abroad as this heathen thought, but a carefully selected serving of wines for each course) and cheeses.

When your delivery arrives in a carefully discreet branded brown paper bag and selection of fully compostable packages, I hope you’re as excited as I was. There is a detailed menu card which provides information on your meal and how to warm up and prepare and even present, and you can get as carried away with this as you like – something like this deserves good presentation, and all our properties have crockery, dishes and cutlery for you go to town. Try to resist noshing straight from the packages.


I like a good set of instructions and tried to follow these to make a reasonable attempt at presenting just for myself, and it was well worth it. This will be a fantastic meal to arrange for either your arrival at one of our properties, or as a treat at the end of your stay with us. If you have a somewhat creative element to your moral code, you can even dispose of all the packaging and pretend you rustled it all up yourself, but be careful with the precedent this will probably set.

For later in the year there is talk about a Christmas and New Year offering, which I am definitely up for.
Please post your experiences to our Facebook page, and we will share a selection of these in our blog over the summer.
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